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About Us

United Mission International Relief works with dedicated volunteering specialists that are familiarized with the areas of extreme need we have targeted to provide with our service. We work with different kinds of missions and we like to treat each mission with special individual attention. At United Mission we strive to get the most skilled volunteers in their area of concentration. Our construction volunteers are skilled at building and repairing houses, schools, and community structures.  Our health volunteers are experts at providing education to help prevent unwanted pregnancies, and battle common issues like diabetes, high blood pressure, and other diseases.  Our medical volunteers are trained to give free medical attention to those that are unable to obtain medical assistance.  Our field specialist volunteers have unique relationships with local governments to facilitate assistance projects, and are dedicated to help others to the best of their ability.

United Mission International is committed to work towards the development of short and long-term solutions with those affected, and eliminate extreme poverty in the poorest and most vulnerable communities of many countries. We are not interested in having our donors’ money sitting in an account while so many are in need. Instead, we are devoted to use all donations wisely to work hard at delivering the needed aid to get the results the people need. 

  Why We Serve?  

Because We Care

At United Mission International Relief, we are inspired by the Lord's message of compassion and service.  To serve others is to love others as the Lord loved us.


Because It Gives Us Purpose

Our goal is to be compassionate servants of Christ.  We can best achieve this goal by building strong communities and helping those that suffer.  Our staff is motivated by sincere desires to serve our neighbors in need.

Who We Serve

We serve those in need.  If we encounter a family without a home, we will find a home or build a home.  If we see our elderly without food, we will feed them.   If we encounter a family suffering from domestic violence, we will shelter them.  If we find our community's educational systems struggling, we will do what we have to do to ensure facilities, systems, and staff that are elevated to provide strong education.

Join us in making a real difference.

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